Teens with a Choice to finalize second semester plans


Chad Andrews, Teens with a Choice sponsor, works at his desk during SRT. Andrews said the club wants to continue goals from last semester.

Anushka Dasgupta

Teens with a Choice will likely host a meeting on Jan. 23, according to Sasha Matsuki, club president and senior. Matsuki said the club has not finalized scheduling plans and plans for this semester.

Sponsor Chad Andrews said, “Everything is still in planning. Honestly, things are kind of slow right now. Things are kind of quiet, they’re really waiting on this first meeting to finalize everything.”

Matsuki said the club hopes to continue to plan the sex education talk the members started last semester, but the members are very busy.

Matsuki said, “We’re all really busy right now so we’re trying to figure out when we can do (the sex education conference) and how because obviously, it’s really important.”

Andrews said he agreed.

He said, “We’re still working on our goals. With the end of the semester and the start of this new one I think extracurriculars have slowed down—at least this one has— in light of all the academics that kids have.”