ComedySportz to compete in first matches of the season

Jessica Konrad

The ComedySportz team recently kicked off its season at an away match at North Central High School on Jan. 18. The team’s first home match will take place on Feb. 21 in the Studio Theater at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $5 and are available for purchase online at or at the door.

In terms of preparing for the team’s first home match, Piper Dafforn, ComedySportz captain and senior, said the team’s main focus has been helping new members become familiar with the format of a live ComedySportz match.

Dafforn said, “For the new people, (we have been focusing on) learning the rhythm of how (ComedySportz) works and it’s sort of a thing where you can’t completely learn how to play ComedySportz until you’re actually playing ComedySportz. We’ve been focusing on match format and how the rhythm of the match is going to work.”

ComedySportz sponsor Jim Peterson said he views the team’s first match at North Central as a learning experience for later matches to come.

“(I think the team will gain) confidence. I hate to be repetitive, but going out to North Central is a tough first match. The audience typically is unusually competitive, so for the kids to go out (there) for our first match, I think it’ll be a good test,” Peterson said.

Overall, Dafforn said she is excited to see what the first matches of the season hold in store for her and the rest of the team.

Dafforn said, “I’m really excited to see our new players learn how it works and have a blast because it’s just the best thing ever. I’m excited for everyone to get to know the rhythm of our matches.”