Academic Super Bowl Announces Competition Dates and Prepares for Brebeuf Invitational

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl plans to attend the Brebeuf Invitational meet on Feb. 26, Ben Davis Invitational on March 20 and the area competition on April 16 with the location pending. If a squad qualifies for State, they will attend the State competition on May 4 at Purdue University.

For the first competition conducted at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, members should bring their studying materials. Students that are competing should wear business casual clothing. The meet run time is not specified at this time.

According to Alyssa Smith, Academic Super Bowl member and junior, although the meets are long, they are the most enjoyable part of the season.

Smith said, “We are there for a long time, but (we) laugh a lot in between rounds. The meets are really fun.”

James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor and social studies teacher, said he agrees the meets can be long.

Ziegler said, “If you see an Academic Super Bowl member, just give them a word of encouragement and wish them luck.” By Cady Armstrong