Mental health awareness week successful, improvements for next year

Viyang Hao

According to Melinda Stephan, college and careers programming and resources coordinator, the mental health awareness week that took place on Feb. 4 to Feb. 8, was “well received.”

Stephan also said she was not fully involved in the event but she is “guaranteed that [the counselors] are taking notes on how things have gone and which things went well and which things didn’t go well for next year.”

For freshman Sarah Joyce, she said, “The culture of care week was pretty normal to me, but it was good overall.”

Joyce also said that for next year’s mental health awareness week she would like to “make things more engaging.”

According to Stephan, this year’s theme for mental health awareness week was “to get connected” by doing small activities, in the end still being a “huge success.”

Stephan also said, “It’s going to be similar (for next year) and we’ll look for opportunities to keep it positive but educational.” By Viyang Hao