Soho Cafe to replace Monon Cafe and Sweets in March


Pranav Jothirajah

COFFEE CHOICES: Senior Mallory Cole twists the lid of a coffee jar at Soho Cafe. Many students currently go to Soho after school to study.

Pranav Jothirajah

Pranav Jothirajah

In the coming months, the Monon Cafe and Sweets, which was located in the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL), will soon be replaced by Soho Cafe. The Monon Cafe and Sweets has been around the library for six years and has been seen as a popular place for CHS students to come to after school and get food before they start studying. According to CCPL communications director Christy Walker, since the library and the Monon Cafe and Sweets had a contract that expired in October 2018, the library wanted to try and improve the cafe service. The library directors also said that with the Soho Cafe taking up space, it could help improve other aspects of the library.

According to Walker, in February the Monon Cafe and Sweets will close, and in March the Soho Cafe will be ready to serve.

“The primary factor for us was to improve cafe service for library patrons,” Walker said. “A couple things that I think customers will enjoy with the new space open, are the new hours of operation and the new menu. Looking at the coming years, it is a part of our strategic plan that makes it a really good time to start working with the Soho Cafe. One of those is that as a library, we are looking at expanding the space that we have for people in the community to display art and other creative work. This can be done by doing some renovation and expansion workw hich will give us more space to do programs.”

In the past, several students visited the Monon Cafe and S0weets while studying at the library.

Anushka Dasgupta

Sophomore Akhil Paleru said, “I usually visit the library once a week to study. Every time I go there I usually get some sort of snack from the (Monon Cafe and Sweets). I have always thought that the service has been really good and that it is just a great place to relax before I start studying.”

However, some students said they are excited that Soho Cafe is going into the library.

Junior Jacob Hill said, “I have been to the Soho Cafe before and they serve really good food and drinks, so I think it is good that they are moving into the cafe.”



Pranav Jothirajah