AVID sophomores learn about future jobs


AVID teacher Elizabeth Galvan works at her desk and prepares for her class. “(AVID) gets students comfortable with being uncomfortable. The activities we do in class may not feel comfortable, but they get used to advocating for themselves and (they also) learn about the skills they need outside of high school.”

Pranav Jothirajah

Preparing for college and future jobs is a major aspect that the AVID program focuses on throughout the school year.  According to AVID teacher Elizabeth Galvan, the program is currently teaching sophomores what their future profession could look like.

“For the sophomores, (the students) are working on interviewing professionals that (work in a subject) they are interested in. So they have to go and record their interview that they do with a professional, or a leader in our community and then they will edit those videos and share them with the class,” she said. “ This will help (the students) know what it is like to be working in whatever field they might be interested in.”

AVID student and sophomore Myles Embry said he believes this project helps him understand what his future might look like.

“Working on this project gives me a greater understanding of what I might actually do in a future job. I’ve wanted to be an engineer but I never really knew what they actually did so being able to interview them gives me a better understanding of what that would be like,” he said.  By Pranav Jothirajah