Greyhounds boys lacrosse team still finding their way

Caleb Shaffer

The CHS Greyhounds lacrosse team has started off the season with a 5-4 record and are looking to go out and get the victory against the Hamilton Southeastern Royals tonight. Greyhounds head lacrosse coach John Meachum said the team is still trying to figure out who they are as a team. Meachum said, “We are forming the team’s identity and finding out who can contribute for us this year in our playoff run, and who we need to continue to develop. Many of these out of state contests are against great competition. Nobody plays a tougher schedule than us, and though it’s hurt us with some losses, it’s really helped us expose any weaknesses we have as a team. We are gauging success by our growth and development as a team.”

Mac Cannon, Greyhounds defender and senior, said that the team is still trying to reach their potential. Cannon said, “I don’t think we’ve quite played to our capabilities yet, but as the season progresses I think we’ll start figuring out and picking up our quality of play as the season goes on.

Ahead of the Greyhounds match against the Royals, Meachum said that as a coach he’s working on giving his team the best chance to succeed every game. Meachum said, “I just focus on putting our guys in the best position to win. We provide a detailed scout/film, a game plan to be successful against what we will most likely see based on the film, and then we tell the boys that it’s on them to execute. I feel that if I ask our guys to put in the extra time and work, then I better lead by example and make sure I’m scouting all of our opponents that much harder. If I do my job right, by the time we are heading into game time, the stress is gone and I pass the torch to the team to execute what we have planned for. So to answer your question, the mental preparation is really the weeks leading into the game, so I enter the game with a clear mind knowing we are ready.”

Cannon said he trusts Meachum and believes he’s going to do big things for the team. Cannon said, “He’s been awesome this year, it’s nice to have a young coach who understands how younger players are, it’s different when your coach doesn’t really understand the players. He’s a great mentor and prepares us well for games and it’s just awesome having him with us.”

The Greyhounds faceoff with the Royals at 8 p.m. tonight.