Do Something Club to meet April 25 to plan Veterans Walkathon


Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler and Samantha Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, discuss the club’s upcoming Veterans Walkathon. Ziegler said that the club is currently working on signing up people to volunteer at the event, and anybody interested in volunteering can sign-up by contacting him.

Angela Li

Do Something Club will meet this Thursday, April 25, after school to plan the club’s upcoming Veterans Walkathon, according to Samantha Kadinger, Do Something member and senior.

“(We will) be gathering volunteers for the upcoming Veterans Walkathon,” Kadinger said.

Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler said in addition to continuing to sign-up volunteers for the Walkathon and planning the logistics of the event, the club will also begin to promote the event.

“We’re going to start making signage for the Walkathon to help promote the event in the community as well as the day of the event to draw people in who are driving by off the roads,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler and Kadinger both said the club hopes to increase awareness of the mental illnesses veterans battle and raise money for affected veterans through this event.

“Our goal is to raise at least a couple thousand dollars for the Hoosier Veterans Assistance foundation, which is an organization based here in Indianapolis, and the goal is to try and raise money specifically for veterans battling PTSD and mental illness,” Ziegler said. “In this country, a lot of people like to say that they support their veterans but don’t actually do it through action, and actually, we do a pretty bad job as a country taking care of our veterans when they return for home. The goal of this event is really just to educate the community on how many veterans battle mental illnesses and PTSD after their service as well as how many veterans are committing suicide each day in the United States and how we can better serve them as a public.”