Color guard changes director, prepares for marching band season


Members of the color guard pose for a group photo following the end of their winter season. According to Mackenzie Woock, guard member and sophomore, the guard has started focusing on the upcoming season, which consists of extensive practices with the marching band before and during summer break. (Submitted photo by Rosie Queen)

Michelle Lu

The color guard is set to prepare for the upcoming marching band season after a change in directors. According to former guard director Rosie Queen, practice with the marching band will start near the end of May, with the new director operating all performances. Queen’s departure, a personal decision, prompted the need for a new director.

“Eryn Boone…is the new director of the color guard and will be able to help (the guard members) from here,” Queen said via email.

The color guard has also switched from morning practice in the freshman cafeteria to evening practice in the gyms and commons. According to Mackenzie Woock, color guard member and sophomore, the team practice schedule now consists of a few hours of practice per week leading up to the end of school.

“We do not begin practicing after school until Tuesday,” Woock said. “We started practice last week and, this week, we have practice from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.”  By Michelle Lu