WHJE reflects on Radiothon

Amy Tian

Last Saturday, WHJE had its Radiothon, a 16-hour live broadcast with music and shows from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“It was amazing how easy it was this year compared to last year, and I think that shows how much more confident the station is at live broadcast. I think lots of people this year were able to do a show. I think last year it was only three to four,” said Dominic James, WHJE advisor.

Spencer Pickering, sports broadcaster and junior, said he was excited to host his show “Hound Pound” during the fundraiser and sees the event as a way to celebrate the last few days with WHJE’s senior staff members.

Pickering said, “For my show, we gave NBA predictions and information on summer sports events before the next school year begins.”

In comparison to last year’s Radiothon, there were more people listening, and overall, it was the largest amount of listeners since the state basketball game. The estimated live audience was several hundred.

WHJE was also able to help out during the Veterans 22 event through DJing and helping set up.  By Amy Tian