TechHOUNDS and Carmel HOSA to meet for “State of the Schools” meeting on Sept. 11


Superintendent Michael Beresford discusses the “State of the Schools” presentation on Sept. 11. He said this year, students will be sharing their stories about TechHOUNDS and HOSA.

Riya Chinni

Students involved with TechHOUNDS and Carmel HOSA will be sharing how pre-professional extracurriculars at CHS have helped them explore their career path at the Chamber of Commerce’s OneZone Meeting as a part of “State of the Schools” on Sept. 11. Along with Fishers High School students, these CHS students will discuss their respective organization and its impact on them
Superintendent Michael Beresford said that CCS decided to hear from students rather than adults speaking about the resources CHS offers to students with pre-professional aspirations
Beresford said, “We wanted to do something different this year, letting the kids tell the story. They’re interested in the connection between what you guys do now and how that prepares you for the future.”
CCS Community Relations Liaison Courtney Taylor said that the student presentations would be a creative way to discuss CCS’s career development opportunities
“(Students will) get on stage and explain how their high school experience and the opportunities they’ve discovered has fueled their interest and passion for their future career,” Taylor said
Beresford said the student perspective will allow attendees to understand these organizations’ impact on students. “I would rather hear from a kid than a bald-headed superintendent,” Beresford said. “I think it would be better to hear from you guys who are experienced because I can talk about it, but you guys live it.”