GKOM Council creates plans for 2019-20 school year


Connor Inskeep, GKOM Council member and senior, mixes a track. Inskeep said having good communication with both GKOMs and freshmen is an important goal for Council this year.

Greyhound kick-off mentors (GKOM) will meet with their freshmen on Sept. 20, according to sponsor Mike Meyer. Meyer said this year, there are about 25 GKOM Council members and 300 GKOMs.

Connor Inskeep, GKOM Council member and senior, said GKOM Council has three main goals this year.

“This year as Council, one of our big goals is using social media to our advantage and using that to reach not only the GKOMs that we’re in charge of but also our freshman… We just created a GKOM Instagram account in the past couple weeks,” Inskeep said. “Another thing we’re definitely emphasizing this year is ‘no Greyhound sits alone.’ We’re definitely trying to take a lot of strides like (we did) the hot dog luncheon we had last Friday where we had all the GKOMs come down to the Freshman Center and sit with the freshman during lunch and go outside.”

Lastly, Inskeep and Meyer both said GKOMs want to stress involvement to freshmen.

Inskeep said, “Because it’s our largest class of freshmen, (our goal is to keep) all these kids involved and getting them to go out and join clubs and activities. We had the Activities Fair last week on Monday. so another thing we’re pushing for all our GKOMs is for them to tell their freshmen is to really get involved with the school. The thing at Carmel High School is ‘If you’re not involved, you’re doing it wrong.’”

Inskeep said that although GKOM Council has new goals this year, the structure of GKOM will remain the same.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a whole lot of change other than the faces in the GKOM Council room. Like we’ve talked about with our sponsor Mr. Meyer, a lot of people on GKOM Council agree that it’s been set up in a way by Councils before us where it’s pretty easy to go in and roll with what we have,” Inskeep said. “They’ve set the structure where there aren’t a whole lot of tweaking things to be done but there’s also some areas where our current Council is adapting to the ways that freshmen are changing and the ways where we’re interacting or the talking points during the sessions. Still, it’s definitely smaller, more minute changes.”