Orchestras practicing for upcoming fall concert


Olivia White, Philharmonic Orchestra member and junior, looks over her concert music. White said she has been recording herself practicing the music to keep track of her progress and use different practice techniques.

Wendy Zhu

Over the past few weeks, the CHS orchestras have been practicing for their fall concert, which will be on Oct. 15 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. According to orchestra director Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, the concert will be a little shorter this year due to the fact that the PSAT will be on Oct. 16.

“We’re going to try to get people on and off the stage as efficiently as possible,” Ohly-Davis said.

As for preparation for the concert, Ohly-Davis said the orchestras have been working on technique and learning new skills.

“We’re trying to make January less audition-focused, so we’re trying to work on some of the stuff we do in January, like three-octave scale training, earlier in the year,” Ohly-Davis said.

Olivia White, Philharmonic Orchestra member and junior, said she agrees that change has been a main focus in orchestra and said she has been preparing for her upcoming playing test and working on the concert music.

“Recently, Mrs. Ohly-Davis has been asking us to record a short, 5-minute section of our practice,” White said. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be like a playing test; it’s not graded like a playing test, but she just likes it so she can kind of see what strategies we’re using as we practice the music and as we continue our preparation for the actual playing test. She wants to be able to see our progress.”

Ohly-Davis also said she has been enjoying the year so far with all the new and returning orchestra students.

“I think it’s a super group of students this year,” Ohly-Davis said. “Every class seems to be coming together really well and getting along really well with each other. I’m excited about the combinations of students we have together in all the different classes.”