New sports joining intramurals this year

Hannah Baer

Intramurals are adding new sports this year such as ping pong, pickleball, and badminton. In addition, intramurals are continuing to offer basketball as well. Ping pong and euchre will occur during October and November. Pickleball, 3 versus 3 basketball and badminton will also happen during October through December. The recent construction which has been taking place in the fieldhouse gyms is affecting the amount of space that will be available for intramurals. However, the club is planning to work around it by more efficient scheduling.

At the call-out meeting which was conducted on Sept. 12 in E200, the head sponsor of intramurals, Kyle Cluver, discussed some of the conflicts that may occur with the construction in the gyms. He also stressed the importance of word of mouth and the impact that it has on the club. Cluver said, “I think the big thing, kind of a piece of advice is to spread the word. So kind of be a person of advocating”. 

Intramural basketball is one of the main sports that is offered which is popular among students. During October and November, 3 vs. 3 basketball will occur. In January through March, 5 vs. 5 basketball will occur. Senior Connor Inskeep who participated in intramural basketball last year said, “We have a really good turnout for intramural basketball, it brings a lot of people you wouldn’t usually find on like a varsity sports team just having fun with their friends.” Any student interested in participating in intramurals this year can contact Mr. Cluver through email, [email protected], with any questions or concerns.