Art Club to meet Wednesday, discuss future events


Art Club sponsor Jennifer Bubp sorts through artwork created by her art students and organizes prizes they have received. According to Bubp, members of the Art Club participated in the Carmel International Arts Festival over the weekend: one of the many opportunities club members have to collaborate with the community. She said “[Art Club members] do a lot of collaboration with the City of Carmel and the Carmel Arts Council, so that gives kids the chance to get involved with the arts outside of the building.”

Isabella White

According to Art Club sponsor Jennifer Bubp, members of the Art Club will have their next meeting after school on Wednesday in C124. Lexi Carter, Art Club president and junior, said this meeting will be a busy one as members of the club will be putting the final touches on a paint-by-numbers mural from the Carmel International Arts Festival and working on locker sign designs. At this meeting, Carter said Art Club members will continue to discuss the plans for the Bob Ross-themed fundraiser.

According to Carter, this past weekend, members of the Art Club participated in the Carmel International Arts Festival where they got the opportunity to volunteer, assist with the creation of a paint-by-numbers mural and enter art competitions.

She said, “We had a couple challenges with weather, but overall, it [was] super fun and successful.”

Carter also said members of the Art Club created an Instagram account where they will be posting updates on Art Club activities; the username for the account is

Looking toward the future, Carter said the most upcoming event will be window painting for the holidays; however, there is no official date yet.