Orchestras continue to prepare for upcoming fall concert, Midwest Clinic


Chloe Chui, member of Symphony Orchestra and junior, looks over her concert music before school. Chui said that in the final weeks before the fall concert, she has been focusing on adding musicality to her pieces and refining her playing.

Wendy Zhu

The CHS orchestras continue to practice for their fall concert that will take place on Oct. 15 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. According to director of orchestras Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, the concert will be split into two parts; The first half will be at 6 p.m. and will feature performances from the G3 Concert, Festival and Symphony Orchestras, while the second half will start at 7:30 and features performances from the G1 Concert, Sinfonia and Philharmonic Orchestras. Currently, the orchestras are using various practice methods to finalize their pieces as the concert quickly approaches.

“We’re working really hard to prepare for the fall concert,” Chloe Chui, member of Symphony Orchestra and junior, said. “Right now, we’re just focused on polishing the music so that it can sound really nice for our concert. We’re also trying to add musicality on top of everything.”

Chui also said the Symphony Orchestra has been practicing for their performance at the Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference. According to Ohly-Davis, the opportunity to perform at the conference comes at a minimum of once every five years for CHS.

“Symphony has the honor of going to the Midwest Clinic this December, so that’s kind of like our big project this year,” Ohly-Davis said. “The fall concert includes a little less than half of the music we’ll be playing (at the Midwest Clinic).”

While Ohly-Davis said preparation for the fall concert is going well, she also said it is especially important to use class time wisely due to this school’s block schedule.

“One thing that’s tricky is that we only see our classes 90 times a year, so that suddenly sounds like a really small number,” Ohly-Davis said. “Obviously, it’s not that small of a number, but if we had classes every day, we’d see them 180 times a year. This just means that we don’t have that much time, so we really have to focus and work on skill-building in preparation for our concerts.”