Speech team to have next practice Oct. 17 to work on speech writing

Saumya Somasi

The next meeting for the speech team will take place after fall break on Oct. 17 in Room E149 at 3:15 p.m., according to sponsor Jacleen Joiner.
Mackenzie Misterka, veteran speech team member and junior, said that the meeting will let students practice forming an effective speech to use in competitions. Misterka also said that this meeting will be focusing on cutting speeches to fit in given time restrictions. She said that typically speeches are eight to 10 minutes.
Misterka said, “I’m really excited for the season. We still have quite a bit of time before we start competing, but it’s been a good time.”
The competitions will begin in November. Joiner said that in past meetings, the team has worked more on interpretive styles. She said that most of the new people do not speak at the first meeting but instead observe the competition. 
Misterka said, “People really commit to (their events), making an enthusiastic and entertaining performance.”