Student teachers involved in Kid’s Corner to teach weather concepts this week

Hayley Reed

Students teachers who are part of the Kid’s Corner class will be teaching preschoolers about the weather this week.

Kim Lenzo, sponsor and head of the Kid’s Corner program, said, “Last week we did fairy tales. This week we will be focusing on the weather and we will be taking a trip to the planetarium on Friday.” The Kid’s Corner program involves high school students planning and teaching specific lessons that cover different topics each week, and they often take trips to the Planetarium to make lessons more engaging for the young kids.

As the school year continues progressing, the students begin taking a more active role in teaching the lessons. Julia Hockins, Kid’s Corner teacher and senior said, “At this point in the year there are two different groups. One group teaches the lessons for the month and sometimes goes to different schools to teach while the other group stays (at the high school) and makes lesson plans until we switch.”

According to Lenzo, as the year goes on, her main role is to observe the students as they teach and help them make the adjustments needed to do a better job the next time they teach. She deals with many students who are interested in a future in teaching.

Students involved with the class will continue to prepare and teach their lessons to the preschoolers with their goal to prepare them for kindergarten. One might wonder if student teachers ever get nervous. Hockins said, “Oh no, (I never get nervous). I pretty much act like a kid myself so I just have fun with (the children).”