TechHOUNDS starts pre-season training

Phoebe Schuetz

   This Thursday, TechHOUNDS will have its next meeting where they continue to sharpen the old skills for returning members and getting new skills for new members. They are preparing for the first pre-season competition and it is all about training.

    The club sponsor Zachary Bonewit goes into what they are doing to prepare for pre-season. Bonewit said, “We are going to continue some tool training and we are going to start introducing some of the beginning processes within our division.” Some of the visions are robot design, website editing, pre-season projects, and training new members.

    Karthik Arcot is the TechHOUNDS student team leader, during the meetings he makes sure that all of the divisions are doing what they are supposed to do to prepare for competitions. The actual competitions do not start until the second semester but there are some pre-season events too.

Arcot said, “Official competitions are not for a while, those are in March and then we have Boiler-Bot-Battle which is at Purdue on November 16th.” At Boiler-Bot-Battle members get to see other people’s robots and learn more about Purdue University.