As DECA district exams continue on Dec. 6, DECA students to prepare for district competition


Students in DECA take the district exam during SRT in the Main Cafeteria on Dec. 2. The next round of district exams will take place on Dec. 6 in the Main Cafeteria during SRT.

Natalie Khamis

The second round of DECA district exams will take place Dec. 6 during SRT in the Main Cafeteria. Students who compete in a roleplay and who pass the exam will be allowed to compete at the district competition on Jan. 11 at this school.

According to Melissa Su, chief of role plays and junior, the district competition only consists of Carmel DECA students since the chapter is its own district within DECA.

“Our school is its own district because we have so many students,” Su said. “Essentially, students will be competing against each other to make it to the state competition.”

Leading up to the competition, Laura Cardamon, DECA co-sponsor and business teacher, said she advises students to complete practice role plays and to come in during SRT to talk to role play heads on how to improve for the competition.

“We have amazing role play heads ready to help any student during SRT prepare before the district competition,” Cardamon said. “Practicing a role play in Competition University during SRT in front of a teacher or role play head can give students feedback and a real-time experience on what the competition will look like.”