Students, parents identify pros in working during the holiday season


Sarah Zheng

The holiday season is a time, for many students, to take a break from any form of stress and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Whether that quality time is defined as watching tv with friends or going on a holiday trip with family, or anything in between, all students can find something enjoyable to do over the holiday season to relieve stress. But for sophomore Anna Frey and Kaitlyn Varghese, they will be spending a majority of their time working at their job over the holiday break.

Sophomore Anna Frey is a salesperson at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream. She waits tables and works in the bakery all year round. She says that although many people perceive working during the holidays as time away from family and friends, she disagrees and enjoys working during that time period.

“If anything, things get less stressful around the holidays because with less school I can work more,” Anna said.

Anna finds that during the holiday season, although she gets busy with other things that causes her to be preoccupied, she likes the idea of handling a lot of things at once.

Anna said, “I love being busy because I have noticed that it definitely makes me more efficient with my time, managing my work schedule and school schedule has forced me to be much more organized and have better time management skills.”

Matt Frey, owner of Bub’s Burger and Ice Cream, as well as father to Anna agrees with 

the mindset that his daughter has of working during the holiday season, as a time for opportunity for younger people to learn new skills.

Varghese is a server at Ritz Charles and helps clean and set up the tables for major events such as weddings or work parties. She also agrees with Anna’s mindset of using the holiday seasons as a time to work and learn new skills.

“I like working during busy times, like the holiday season because I am able to learn different time management skills that can be applied in the future, ahead of just high school life. I definitely think working during busy times is good for me because I know I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to do homework because it could conflict with work,” Varghese said. 

Overall Anna and Varghese both enjoy working during the holiday season because they say it’s a useful way to utilize their time when they don’t have school.

“I work during the holidays because I think it is a great use of time and I can’t get bored sitting at home. I definitely think more people in my grade should have jobs; the amount of skills that I have learned from working are countless and I know that they are advancing me ahead,” says Anna.