Orchestra chamber groups to perform on Jan. 29


Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, director of orchestras, shows students how to play a song by demonstrating on the cello.

Tara Kandallu

On Jan. 29, members of Wind Symphony I and Philharmonic Orchestra will perform with their chamber groups, which are ensembles of three to five students usually playing a variety of string instruments, from 5 to 9 p.m. in Room P100
Director of orchestras Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said, “(The chamber music unit) fits well with our schedule around this time of year. We just have a huge chunk of time to learn our three competition pieces. The chamber music unit is a nice way to do something else. Burnout is a real thing. If you work on something too long, it is no longer exciting by the concert, so (chamber music) definitely keeps the excitement.” 
Hannah Na, Wind Symphony I member and senior, said she likes that the chamber music unit lets her get to know the students from other sections better. Na said, “Together, we create music together in a small group setting. That is something that is very different from what we usually do because usually we play as a whole orchestra with a director leading us.”
Ohly-Davis says that she likes the independence, collaboration, and leadership qualities that students gain by being part of chamber groups. She said, “(The unit) is a really unique time for upper-class orchestras to discover the rehearsal process on their own. It fosters independent learning. You have to know all or your notes by yourself without help from others. Everyone gets the chance to lead.”