Maintenance staff deals with winter weather, explains construction, welcomes new member


Maintenance worker Fred Napier shows Maintenance worker Jack Seves how to check the temperatures in the building and make sure the boilers are working properly. One job of the maintenance staff is to make sure the building stays warm during the cold winter months.

Lillian He

The persistent winter weather and cold temperatures present challenges and additional tasks for the maintenance staff. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said that due to the weather the maintenance staff has to make sure all the drives stay clear around all entrances to the building. This was especially true this past weekend given the freezing rain.

Napier said, “We’ll come in early and lay down salt that way no one slips. Even though its Saturday and we’re off its still important that we come in and do that. We need to take care of the people who are going to be entering the building.”

Chloe Chui, Science Olympiad member and junior, said, “I came in early on Saturday morning to attend the scioly meeting and it was really nice that all the walkways near the school were already clear. I’m very glad the maintenance staff is so amazing and attentive in order to help keep all of us as safe as possible.”

Additionally, Napier said that they are doing lots of work to keep everybody warm.

“With the cold outside, we need to make sure the gyms are the right temperature. You don’t want something to go down and the gym be 65 degrees and you have a lot of people coming in to watch kids play basketball,” Napier said.

Another part of keeping the building warm is the boilers which provide the heat, and Napier said work is currently being done in the boiler room.

He said, “We have new boilers so (the warm air) will last a long time once they’re complete. They’re not up and running yet though they’re still working on them.”

Not only does the maintenance staff have to deal with the winter weather but they also play a part in making sure construction around the school goes smoothly.

Napier said that the biggest construction project occurring right now is the remodeling of the offices near Door 4.

“That construction by over where the nurse’s station is, they’re just doing a remodel. That area hasn’t had an upgrade for quite some time so they’re upgrading it to make it better for (the students),” Napier said.

Due to the remodeling, the attendance office has been moved down to Door 21.

Napier said, “Down at door 21 they’ve added that new security system…that was a big elaborate thing and they’ve got that all working now it’s a good addition to keep our building safe.”

Lastly, the maintenance department is continuing their everyday duties including work orders.

Napier said, “We’re hopping every morning because we have new work orders. It’s a lot more of the same, just keeping up with what everybody needs on a daily basis. Something I’ve been doing is I’m converting all the lights in the Freshman Cafeteria to LEDs to make it more cost-efficient. The bulbs will last five years instead of six months.”

The maintenance department recently acquired a new addition, Jack Seves, to help them with all their work. Napier said that Seves is not new to the Carmel Clay School District but is new to the maintenance department.