Kids’ Corner start preschool this week, Valentines Day teachings

Hayley Reed

Kids’ Corner will host younger students for the first time this semester and will focus on Valentine’s Day with various activities and crafts to help them learn about the holiday.

Kim Lenzo, sponsor and head instructor of Kids’ Corner, said, “With Valentine’s Day, we are teaching the kids about social and emotional topics and next week will be about friendship.” The children will eat a themed snack and make Valentine’s Day backpack to celebrate the holiday.

For some CHS students who just joined the program for the second semester, this is their first time teaching. One part of the program allows students to go out to placements and teach at other schools. Taylor Conley, senior and Kids’ Corner instructor, said, “I’ve been at Prairie Trace teaching kindergarten and I’m working one-on-one with students and helping them with their math skills.” For some, it is very nerve-racking to speak in front of the kids. Conley said, “It’s fun for me teaching them but I feel like I’d be nervous to give a lesson plan.”

According to Lenzo, preschool is starting earlier in the year than usual as it begins its final semester at CHS. Lenzo said, “I’m disappointed that the district could not find a spot for Kids’ Corner” but also acknowledged the fact that “the number of students in the program has gone down since the last few years” so that may have been a factor in the decision.

For now, Kids’ Corner will continue to run and teach students, looking towards the events and activities of the upcoming semester. Lenzo said, “We’re excited for our field trip to the fire station in about three weeks.”