Funny Guy: Q&A with Zach Gish, stand-up comedian and senior


Isabella White

Where do you typically do stand-up comedy shows and how many have you done?

I have performed at Crackers Comedy Club and Helium Comedy Club; they are both downtown. I have done three shows so far. One was in front of a lot of people and two of them were more low-key. My fourth comedy show is going to be Feb. 25 at Crackers.

How did you first get into comedy? 

I just signed up [to do a show] online one day. I had thought about it before because I knew someone who was into stand-up. I watch [stand-up comedy] a lot and enjoy it so much that I thought I would try it out. 

Who are some of your comedic inspirations?  

Bill Burr is probably my favorite comedian. Another classic favorite is Kevin Hart; he is always great. I also really like Louis C.K. based on how he writes his jokes. I don’t agree with everything Louis C.K. has done, but I do think he’s a great joke writer. 

Is there a specific type of comedy that you prefer? 

I am still kind of exploring that because I haven’t been exposed to everything yet. I do really like storytelling, though, because it is my favorite to listen to. In the future, I would want to become a better storyteller myself. 

Is comedy something you would want to pursue as a career or more as just a hobby? 

As of right now, comedy is just a hobby, but I could definitely see myself, down the road, putting more time into it and more effort. I do know that I want to be involved in the film industry in some way, shape or form in the future and all great, funny actors start off being a stand-up comedian. As of right now, I want to just see where it takes me over the next five or six years. 

What is your favorite thing about comedy and doing stand-up shows? 

I think it’s awesome to get a room full of people together who all have different tastes. Some people like raunchy humor; some people like a straight up punch line, so i think it’s awesome when a community of people get together and they all laugh. While on some nights there’s no laughs at all, I think it’s good to know that there are people out there who are wanting to laugh on a day-to-day basis because laughing is good for everyone 

What is it like to do a stand-up show when the audience is not responsive to your jokes?

You learn a lot when you’re up [on stage]. You learn that what you think is funny is not always what other people will respond to, but it is still hard when you get up there and nothing is working and you completely bomb, but you have to keep writing and come back the next week and try again. 

How much of your comedy sets are scripted? 

Usually, I write out everything I want to talk about and I will study it for that week. Sometimes you’ll get up on the stage and one joke will hit hard and you’ll get off script just to tag along with that joke, but right now, in the early stages, it’s mostly scripted. The future goal would be to get up there and have some thoughts on my mind, but mostly just spit whatever I want to talk about and read the audience.