Economics Club members to teach elementary school students basic economic concepts, team selection process continues

Archit Kalra

Economics Club members will teach Carmel Elementary School students basic economics concepts on March 10, according to club sponsor Michelle Foutz.
Foutz said she wants to expand the club’s scope and organize more projects for club members who may not be interested in competing in economics tournaments.
“We’re using The Lorax to teach the state (economics) standards,” she said. “I’m just trying to provide another opportunity and another purpose for people who are in the club (to participate).”
Foutz also said she will finalize the team rosters for the Indiana Economic Challenge later this month.
“I’m trying to figure out who the strongest 12 (students) are,” she said. “I’ve been sending out (practice) tests for people to work on; they turn those back in so I can see how people are doing.”
Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior, also said he does not know who will be on the teams yet.
“We’re not sure how exactly (team selections are) going to pan out,” he said. “(But) with more practices and more consistent communication, there’s going to (be) a more clear definition of who exactly is going to be taking these tests (at the competition, and) who is going to be ‘on the floor’ for each division.”