Carmel Clay Schools to take preventative measures against COVID-19


Superintendent Michael Beresford explains implications of COVID-19 on Carmel Clay Schools (CCS). Beresford said CCS will follow recommendations provided by public health officials in the situation of a student testing positive for COVID-19.

Riya Chinni

With recent coronavirus (COVID-19) cases arising in the United States and a few cases in Indiana, Carmel community members are curious about the steps Carmel Clay Schools (CCS) will take during this time.
Superintendent Michael Beresford said CCS will continue to take preventative measures against COVID-19 such as increased sanitizing of heavy traffic areas.
Beresford said CCS will wait for public health experts to make recommendations in the situation that a student tested positive for COVID-19.
“When it comes to health, the experts in public health, we defer to them when it comes to health threats or health topics,” Beresford said. “We will work closely with our local and state health departments. We’ll take our cues from them based on whatever situation we’re in.”
In the mean time, Beresford said he encourages students to follow safety precautions such as washing their hands often and practicing proper hygiene.
Science teacher David James said “Any sort of virus is terrible, the flu, the corona, we’ve got to stay normal, keep clean, and wash our hands. In this case, there’s not much we can do about it.”
Beresford said CCS is currently handling COVID-19 issues on a case-by-case basis, and will take further steps if the virus presents itself within the district. If schools are closed due to COVID-19, Beresford said students will utilize “e-learning” through Canvas and other resources to continue classwork.
“It really comes down to if or when we have a student that (tests positive for) the virus, what the setting is and what the health department would advise us to do based on that, and we’ll follow their advice,” Beresford said.
*Quotes referred to reflects information presented on March, 9.*