Students in Carmel Orchestras take precautionary measures against COVID-19

Jasmine Zhang

As school starts up, students in Carmel Orchestras attend after-school rehearsals. Carmel Orchestras are taking precautionary measures in order to prevent students from being infected. Rachel Wu, a member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, reads through the screener questions to make sure she does not have any symptoms before entering the building. 

“Our seats are spread apart in rows. After rehearsal ends, we disinfect the stands and chairs. We also keep our masks on the entire time.” Wu said.

Students have to stay at rehearsal for longer periods than a class during the school day. Wu said she arrives 10 minutes early so she can prepare without so many people being in the room.

Despite these precautions, students are still able to rehearse and practice as usual. Samantha “Sam”  Lin, a member of Honors Orchestra and freshman, rehearses in class. She said there is a one way door to enter and exit. 

We do clapping/counting exercises and intonation exercises too to learn how to stay in tune.” Lin said.

Associate director of orchestras Maggie Hite said, “By enforcing social distancing on top of enforcing students to wear masks, we are minimizing the risk of infection.”