College Go Week Will Provide College Planning Resources Virtually

Darshini Shankar

The College and Career Resource Center is moving many of its resources online to accommodate all students. According to Melinda Stephan, College and Career Programming and Resources Coordinator, the school will provide additional resources virtually for College Go Week.

The week of Sept. 21 to 25 is College Go Week in the state of Indiana. For College Go Week, Stephan said that the school typically organizes an evening program called college information night. This year, the counseling staff made changes to accommodate students virtually.

“Instead of doing that this year, (this) week, we’re doing virtual college information week,” Stephan said. “What I’m creating is a google site. It’s one place where you can go and click on (a) video or sometimes a link to resources that we’ve developed and want to highlight.”

During College Go Week, students will be able to access resources of a specific theme each day.

“The first day is going to talk about the resources here at Carmel High School for college and career planning. The second day, the theme is going to be paying for college,” Stephan said. “Wednesday, the theme is searching for a college fit. Thursday, the theme is college applications, And then Friday is how parents (can) help.”

Additionally, Stephan said that college visits for seniors are now virtual only and provided via videos on Naviance.

According to Stephan, “We didn’t want to stop connecting students with college reps. So our students still have, I think almost more than 100 right now, college reps willing to connect with them virtually. And so they are still signing up for college rep visits.”

However, some programs such as college application help sessions are still provided in person.

Stephan said, “We’ve been doing these college application and essay help sessions for seniors during in-person SSRT days. So, that ends up being about two days a week. One for the Carmel Cohort, one for the Greyhound Cohort.”

Senior Lisa Ma said via email that much of her college preparation process occurs online.

Ma said, “now, in order for us to get ready for college it’s mainly virtual, we aren’t able to talk in person as much with our counselors and most of our tours for the colleges are virtual, which is a little harder than going in person and exploring it that way.”

Ma said she thinks that the school has adjusted their programs well to ensure seniors still get the help they need as they prepare for college.

According to Ma, “They have made sure to make meetings with us to talk about our futures and help us figure out what we want to do when we are in college. They have given us assignments to do that (involve) college and preparation like getting our applications ready.”