Carmel Choirs to host fall concert

Emily Carlisle

This weekend the choirs at this school will be participating in a modified fall concert. Each choir will be at the school for around two hours on Saturday to rehearse and film all the songs that the group has prepared. The videos of each group will be edited together into a video that will be sent out to the community.

Anna Koebcke, member of New Edition and senior, said that the students are working really hard on getting everything ready for the concert.

Koebcke said, “We are really busy trying to get things right. It is definitely hard only seeing half of the group at a time and we only get that once or twice a week anyway.”

Director of choirs Kathrine Kouns said that even while preparing for the concert, the choirs have measures in place to keep students safe.

Kouns said, “We’re zooming almost all of our rehearsals in some capacity so that people that are quarantined or working from home can always log in and see exactly what’s going on and kind of virtually participate. We’re also taking audio and video recordings of things and making them available for students to be able to practice from home. We are really just doing the best we can.”