Academic Super Bowl to host call-out meeting on Oct. 1


Cady Armstrong

James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor and social studies teacher, reviews the agenda for the Oct. 1 meeting. Ziegler said the team plans to explain what Academic Super Bowl is and go over specific logistics with upcoming practices and COVID-19 restrictions.

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl team will host an in-person call-out meeting after school in Room E212 on Oct. 1. Any students interested in attending the meeting can also participate virtually through a live zoom call.  Additionally, information about what Academic Super Bowl is and what the club does is available in Room E212.

At the meeting, the team plans to outline a general overview of what Academic Super Bowl is, discuss how the season will differ from prior years due to COVID-19 restrictions and answer any questions interested students might have. 

According to James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor and social studies teacher, Students do not have to bring anything to the meeting and do not have to have any experience to join the team. 

Ziegler said, “Any student is more than welcome to join. One of the best parts of Academic Super Bowl is that it is open to all grades, and you get to interact with all of them. If a student was considering joining, I would always tell them to come to the call-out meeting or come talk to me and meet the faces behind the name.”

Avinash Valuveri, Academic Super Bowl member and sophomore, said that he is looking forward to the season starting.

“I think this year will be a fun one and am excited for it to begin,” he said.