National Honor Society considers benefits of virtual, in-person meetings before second semester

Jillian Moore

National Honor Society (NHS) has begun to plan for the second semester, considering the benefits and challenges of virtual, in-person, or hybrid meetings and events. During the first semester, the club completed all meetings virtually through videos that the NHS officers created.

According to Samuel “Sam” Austgen, NHS vice president and senior, although NHS has only released two of these videos, the new virtual system has helped deliver important announcements and information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities to the club’s members.

“I’m going to assume it’s all going to stay virtual. That could change depending on district stuff, but for now it’s going to be virtual,” Austgen said.

NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said the club will continue to benefit the community despite COVID-19 changing some of its plans. She also said she believes that NHS has helped improve herself and the members of the club on a personal level this year.

“I think (NHS) just helped to expose me to more students and give me the opportunity to connect with and work with more students. It’s also allowed me to make, probably, a more significant difference outside of the classroom, rather than just what I’ve been doing in the classroom.”