Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council continues to host meetings virtually

Josie Cruzan

The Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) normally hosts its meetings at the Carmel City Hall twice a month, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently hosting its meetings virtually over Zoom. Its next meeting will take place on Nov. 18. Additionally, CMYC is not holding any of its previously scheduled annual events or planning any new events due to COVID-19 precautions.

CMYC sponsor Kelli Prader said, “It really is unfortunate that we don’t know when the next time we’re going to have a real, in person meeting is, because while we’ve had brief chats in person, we as a group are really missing the connection aspect of CMYC that we would get in a normal year.”

If not for safety precautions and restrictions, the CMYC would be holding its second annual Spikeball tournament, which was held on Nov. 15 last year, and its annual toy drive in conjunction with the middle school chapters of National Honor Society, the National Junior Honor Society, in the beginning of December.

Matthew Didonna, CMYC member and junior, said, “I admittedly was really looking forward to the Spikeball tournament this year. Even though it was new last year, it’s one of my favorite events, because I’m an athletic guy and Spikeball is such a unique sport. Not getting to do it this year is a bummer, although I understand why we can’t.”