Maintenance staff continues preparations for winter, sports


Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SRT. Napier said that issues across the building can arise in seconds so it’s important that workers are always ready to deal with them.

Pranav Jothirajah

As the first semester nears its end, winter sports are in full swing and additional tasks remain for the maintenance staff. Maintenance worker Fred Napier says these tasks mainly revolve around keeping equipment and the courts in proper conditions.

Napier said via email, “Our preparations for winter sports include basketball, wrestling, and swimming. For basketball, we have to make sure the lighting for games is right and that the shot clock and goals are positioned correctly. For swimming, we make sure that the pool water is at the right temperature and the water conditions are accurate. ”

Connor Gioia, varsity men’s basketball player and senior, says that the games so far have been perfect.

“So far I think the lighting and things have been good. We usually have a decent amount of people at the games and I haven’t heard anything from them about the (lighting) so the conditions have been good. The courts are also well managed so that we can play,” Gioia said.

Apart from sports, Napier says that the maintenance staff is still focused on keeping the school in good condition in the winter.

“So far our main focus is keeping the school in good condition from the winter. This includes things like the heating and cooling systems, maintaining the trail, and just creating an environment where students and facilities can come in,” said Napier.