Amid COVID-19 pandemic, people should make time for family this holiday season


Maddie Kosc

Some of my fondest childhood memories can be attributed to the magic of the holidays. I grew up in an interfaith family, so the holidays have always been a time for our family to come together and celebrate in more ways than one. One night we were gathered around the table playing dreidel and frying latkes, and the next morning we were sitting around the Christmas tree opening gifts.

One of my absolute favorite holiday traditions is our family’s sugar cookies, where each year we would make and decorate hundreds of sugar cookies and deliver them to family and friends on Christmas Eve. The time we spent together baking and decorating as well as the reactions we got along our delivery route made the holidays all the more special to me as a child. This tradition was something that brought joy to everyone involved, a feeling that I hope everyone is able to experience this holiday season. No matter what holiday it was that we were celebrating, time spent with family as a child during the holidays is something that I cherish to this day.

Though gifts, decorations, and specialty coffee flavors are all wonderful parts of the holiday season, the most valuable part of the holidays is time spent with family. Kids are beyond distracted by school, activities and technology, all of which prevent them from spending quality time with family. What better time for family than the holidays?

Family time during the holiday season doesn’t have to be extravagant, and even a simple phone call with extended family could make this year’s holidays feel a bit brighter. Many of my favorite childhood holiday moments with family were simple activities like decorating the house, baking desserts or shopping for gifts. Although going overboard is always an option, quality time can be as easy as a home cooked meal.

Obviously, given the current pandemic situation, the holidays will look a bit different this year. Traveling to see family may be unsafe or even not possible, and that is ok. It is most important to be responsible and safe this holiday season. That being said, there are still many ways to connect with your family during the holiday season, both virtually and in-person with close family. This winter, set aside time for family, whether it be playing a board game or even doing chores around the house. Even the smallest moments can make this season seem a bit more merry than it has been so far.

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