Staff Editorial: CHS has replaced English 11 with variety of new English course options, providing students with opportunities

Staff Editorial: CHS has replaced English 11 with variety of new  English course options, providing students with opportunities

HiLite Staff

The English course options for upperclassmen have undergone several major changes, as English 11 has been removed, new core classes have been added, and several English classes that were previously electives will now count as English core classes for both juniors and seniors. The newly added classes that upperclassmen can take are Ethnic Literature, Linguistics, Genres of Literature: Psychological Thriller, Genres of Literature: Short Stories, Themes in Literature: Heroes & Villains and Themes in Literature: Humor.
As a result, students will have much greater variety and freedom in choosing their English core classes, and since the newly added classes are all one semester in length, students will also be able to take more English classes if they so wish. The HiLite staff commends the administration for implementing this significant change to the English curriculum, as it allows for students and teachers alike to invest more time into the areas of English they are passionate about.
Moreover, according to English department chairperson Kim Walker, the courses under “Genres of Literature” and “Themes of Literature” can be easily replaced each year to focus on a different genre or different theme, depending on student or faculty interest.
The diverse range of courses offered each year also mirrors the diversity available within college course options. It encourages students to explore specific aspects of English more deeply and also provides room for initiative and change as courses can be swapped out each year. Meanwhile, classes more focused on student interest, such as Creative Writing or Biblical Literature in addition to the newly added courses, will allow for students to pursue subjects they are curious about while also counting as core English credit.
Granted, the removal of English 11 may also present some difficulties to students who may simply be looking for a general foundation in English, as those students are now required to choose from either full-weighted, full-year courses or have to choose several semesters of more specialized course options.
Thus, to truly provide a diverse range of options for students, it may be a good idea to either keep English 11 or offer the option of a full-year composition course. At the same time, the removal of English 11 may help to generate more student interest in English, as students will now have more freedom in course options and also have a greater voice in the curriculum due to the flexibility of Genres of Literature and Themes of Literature courses.
Overall, the HiLite staff commends the administration for providing more opportunities to students in the English department, and we also hope the administration ensures students have full knowledge of their course options and credit requirements when scheduling as well as the initiative they hold with regard to course options and text readings.

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