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Commending Capstone. Students should consider the AP Capstone program for the academic freedom and exploration it provides.


April 23, 2016

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A couple months ago, I remember sitting in an English classroom with limited knowledge of what I was doing. Everyone was in the same position as I was. We were some of the few students who took AP Capstone, a new pilot program...

How should teachers grade writing?


March 27, 2014

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An oft-debated subject in schools is the criteria we use to grade students' writing. In any setting, adjudicating writing requires some degree of subjectivity, but what constitutes "fair" grading? It seems a mired and unclear...

Drop the technology and pick up a book. As technology usage among the public grows, English skills decrease.


October 19, 2011


English in school has always meant an easy A for me. Yet this year, I consider English to be one of my most rigorous courses. In previous years, the class consisted of completion grades and straightforward tests over grammar or ...

The Universal Language


March 25, 2011

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Although English is widely taught and spoken around the world, students discover importance of learning other languages when traveling abroad. By Sarah Yun <[email protected]> It was three years ago when sophomore S...

New English, science and social studies department heads chosen for next year


May 20, 2010

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Maureen Borto, English Borto has spent all eight of her years as a teacher in the English department. She said she became a teacher because she always got along with kids. “As I was considering careers, I always remembered that. I love being around them and being able to i...

Reading Between the Lines


January 29, 2010

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Many students choose to read pre-written notes instead of actual books, which teachers discourage By Emma Neukam <[email protected]> Ever since he was a sophomore, senior Jae Han, like most students, has been assigne...