Renovations to occur at football stadium, Murray Stadium


Chenyao Liu

Construction will occur at the football field in 2023. According to Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, the administration has already discussed ideas for the construction.

Darshini Shankar

Within the next three years, multiple renovations will occur at the CHS athletic facilities. Athletics Director Jim Inskeep said some of these facilities include the natatorium, baseball fields, Murray Stadium and football stadium. 

According to Inskeep, the football stadium renovations remain more preliminary in comparison with the larger Carmel Clay Schools (CCS) initiatives.

Inskeep said via email, “Ideas (for the football stadium) include relocation of the field events for track to one of the grass practice fields north of the stadium complex. The addition of locker rooms and general ADA enhancements will be included.”

Brooke Ye, track runner and sophomore, said she is excited for these renovations to the stadium.

Renovations will begin at the Murray Stadium this year. According to Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, increased safety netting and additional bleaches will be among the additions. (Chenyao Liu)


“I’m excited for the football stadium changes, especially with the track locker room,” Ye said. “Right now (the track athletes) are more cramped in the locker room because the team is really big and growing in numbers every year. So I’m looking forward to whatever is to come.”

Inskeep additionally said that some renovations will occur at Murray Stadium beginning this year. Inskeep said these changes include additional bleachers at the southwest corner of the field, increased safety netting, and replacement of the field lights.

Associate Superintendent Roger McMichael said the school board has taken initiative to make these overdue changes this year.

“These facilities are approaching 30 years old and they are due for major renovation,” McMichael said via email.

Similarly, Inskeep said the necessary renovations will support the increasing number of athletic teams.

“The addition of unified sports as well as the addition of freshmen sports at the school since its opening have led to additional space needs,” Inskeep said. “The additions and renovations of these facilities will address space needs as well as make some much needed enhancements for our programs.”

According to McMichael, the school board has decided on a schedule to renovate multiple aspects of the athletic campus over a four-year period. He said the football stadium project will begin in 2023, the baseball complex will begin in 2021 and the natatorium will begin in 2022.

Chenyao Liu

Other than the stadium renovations, Inskeep said more substantial changes are on the horizon. 

Inskeep said, “The largest project will be the construction of a new natatorium in the existing Door 21 parking lot. The baseball complex will get a makeover including the addition of artificial turf on the varsity field.”

Inskeep also said although there may be obstacles that occur with the abundance of construction in the next three years, it will benefit students in the long-term.

“As with any construction project, there will be inconveniences to students and visitors to our campus. The long-term benefits of these projects will make those inconveniences seem very minor in the future when completed,” Inskeep said. “We feel confident the projects will benefit our programs and spectators to all of the facilities being impacted.”