Accents to practice choreography and music for 1940s-themed shows in upcoming rehearsals, classes

Valliei Chandrakumar

In their choir classes and rehearsals, Accents members are in the process of familiarizing themselves with the choreography of all songs that will be performed for their 1940s-themed, COVID-safe performances in May and April. In the next few weeks, they will begin to combine both singing and choreography when practicing and rehearsing. The Accents members will be performing these themed shows for nursing home residents and community members.

Director of Choirs Kathrine Kouns said she recognizes the sacrifices and arrangements the choir students have taken on due to the COVID-19 pandemic and appreciates their presence at practices and rehearsals.

“(The Accents) are really having to make a lot of adjustments this year to be able to still create a cohesive product,” Kouns said.

Alyssa Fuhrman, Accents member and sophomore, said she appreciates the uniqueness of the show compared to other high school choirs’ shows.

Fuhrman said, “I’ve never seen another school do a 1940s-themed show before, and usually, there’ll be a lot of repeat shows between schools.”