Carmel Orchestras to compete in ISSMA this year

Jasmine Zhang

The Carmel Orchestras plan to participate for their ISSMA performance this year.

So far, the Carmel Orchestras do not have scheduled dates for their ISSMA performances. According to Maggie Hite, associate director of orchestras, “We plan for every orchestra to participate in either an ISSMA Organization or State Qualification event, but we’re waiting to hear from ISSMA what that will look like this year.”

Rachel Wu, a member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, said she is excited to compete in ISSMA.

“I hope at ISSMA I can show off the hard work I have put into rehearsals so far this year. I have participated in ISSMA for four years and I am glad I have the opportunity to do so again this year.” Wu said.

Wu also said she is glad ISSMA is not canceled this year.

“I look forward to performing this year. I am excited that we still plan on participating in ISSMA despite COVID because many events and performances have been canceled due to COVID.”