Maintenance staff continues preparations for spring, sports

Pranav Jothirajah

As winter nears its end, spring sports are in full swing and additional tasks remain for the maintenance staff. Maintenance worker Fred Napier says these tasks mainly revolve around keeping equipment and the fields in proper conditions.

Napier said via email, “Our preparations for spring sports include baseball and track and field. Although we don’t have as much responsibility with these sports we still have to keep an eye on the baseball fields and track to make sure nothing goes wrong with it.”

Ameya Belamkar, varsity men’s track and field runner and senior, says that the new track that was recently built has been great..

“We got the chance to run on it twice and it felt super good. The material was different and was more bouncy and the track was repainted so it looked really nice,” said Belamkar. “Our first meet at home should be coming soon so I’m excited to see what it feels like when racing.”

Apart from sports, Napier says that the maintenance staff is still focused on keeping the school in good condition.

“So far our main focus is keeping the school in good condition for the rest of the year. This includes things like the heating and cooling systems and just creating an environment where students and facilities can come in every day,” said Napier.