Club Med to host cardiologist, biostatistician

Olivia Stock

According to Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, Club Med will host a cardiologist as a guest speaker at the club’s next meeting on Feb. 22.

“Basically, she’s fresh out of med school and just started working on her degree,” Ranga said. “She’s gonna give some insight about why she chose her specific field of study and what exactly she like(s) about cardiology and how her life look(s) different from any other doctor’s life.”

The meeting will take place over Zoom, and, according to Ranga, Club Med meetings will continue to be virtual for the rest of this school year.

“It just works the best and it’s not safe for our club at the moment (to meet in person),” he said.

Club sponsor Alyssa Ament said she leaves decisions about meetings and activities up to club officers.

Additionally, Ranga said a biostatistician is scheduled to speak at Club Med’s meeting on March 8.

“A lot of our recent guest speakers are doctors and physicians. But he’s not even a PhD, he is a biostatistician who is working in computer science and bioinformatics. So the use of computers and medicine together, which is an aspect that we haven’t gone into in the past but we’re going into now. And hopefully down the road there will be more occupations that are revolved around bioinformatics and computer biological engineering and molecular engineering, that sort of thing.”