National Honor Society to continue discussing outreach to potential members

Jillian Moore

National Honor Society (NHS) officers will continue to debate methods of preparation and outreach for potential incoming members and will discuss whether to send physical letters like last year, or reach out digitally to students who meet the GPA requirement. Potential members will still need to fill out an application.

According to Samuel “Sam” Austgen, NHS vice president and senior, the NHS officers still await instructions from the club sponsors and have taken no definite actions. He said the application process will most likely remain similar to previous years.

“There is a selection process at the beginning of (NHS recruitment). So for my class, it would have been our junior year that we applied to NHS. I think we had to write down a bunch of answers to a bunch of little short answer questions,” Austgen said. “And then, I think it’s a 3.7 GPA requirement. But once you get in the club there’s not really any requirements to stay in besides hours.”

NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said COVID-19 makes long term planning for the club difficult, especially due to its size. She said even with the club staying virtual, members should stay connected.

“I think, for a lot of students, the things that they do are as a result of being in a pocket, and by that I mean they are involved in the same clubs and the same organizations and they don’t have an opportunity to really step out of that bubble,” Malloy said. “So NHS makes it easier for them to find other ways to connect with other people.”