House and Cabinet prepare for Easter Egg Hunt

Tessa Collinson

House and Cabinet members are preparing for their annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 28. According to Drew Miller, Speaker of the House, the committee still has some work ahead when it comes to planning this event.

“Easter Egg Hunt is going to look a lot different this year compared to the previous years, so the committee has been brainstorming how the event will function,” he said via email.

Sponsor Sarah Wolff said, despite these precautions, the committee is planning for this event to still be fun for children.

“Our committee has had to rethink doing a traditional Easter egg hunt for safety,” she said via email. “They have come up with a new, creative, and safe scavenger hunt theme for children in the community and have worked hard to see it come to fruition.”

Miller said he enjoys the challenge planning this event brings.

He said, “I am really excited for this event because we get to brainstorm a new way of fundraising.”