Maintenance staff continues day to day activities


Senior Myles Embry works on his homework during his lunch period. Embry says he often sees maintenance workers working around the school when walking from lunch to his classes.

Pranav Jothirajah

As the second semester progresses, the maintenance staff continues its day to day activities in order to create a proper learning environment at CHS. Maintenance worker Fred Napier says these tasks mainly relate to keeping the heating and cooling systems in check.

Napier said via email, “Right now, apart from the spring sports about the start, we are just doing our regular work. This includes making sure the school is the right temperature and being ready for any sudden challenges that come our way.”

Senior Myles Embry said that he believes that the school maintenance workers have done a great job with creating a learning environment.

“I know from time to time the classrooms randomly change temperature and they either get super hot or super small, but for the most part I think the temperature has been just right. Also, I see the (maintenance workers) constantly working and helping out around the school so I’m super appreciative of them,” said Embry.