CCRC sees more juniors as they begin to plan for after high school, college

Darshini Shankar

As the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) continues to provide resources to assist students in making plans for after high school, CCRC Coordinator Melinda Stephan said they have shifted focus to juniors.

According to Stephan, “We sent out a message to all juniors and their parents with a link to a video presentation that we created on 10 things juniors can do before senior year and it’s just steps they can be taking now to make the process less stressful and get prepared.”

Along with providing virtual resources for juniors, Stephan said the CCRC counselors have begun to see more juniors as they schedule appointments to discuss future plans.

“Juniors are being even more proactive. This is the time of their high school career when they really start focusing on the college search. They’ve done all their scheduling for senior year (and) it’s in the front of their mind,” Stephan said.

Junior Emily Slade said although she has not scheduled a CCRC appointment yet, she plans to in the near future as she has begun considering plans for college.

“I haven’t met with a college and career counselor yet, though I plan to use that resource next year,” Slade said. “I have looked through the resources on Naviance and College Board, and have a very long list of potential schools. I plan on narrowing that list down this summer when I go visit some schools.”

Even though the CCRC is currently focused on providing resources for juniors, Stephan said they continue to assist seniors as they finalize college decisions and financial plans.

“We just did an evening program for seniors and their parents about what to do after (they) file the FAFSA and get financial aid awards,” Stephan said.