Carmel Orchestras to record for ISSMA

Jasmine Zhang

With ISSMA coming up, Carmel Orchestras plan to record for ISSMA this week. According to Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, the experience is similar to that of previous concerts.

“All of our previous concerts were recorded, so this procedure is (very) familiar to me now. Although I would rather have an in-person audience, I think it is important to be aware of the still-existing pandemic situation.” Wu said.

Wu said she is looking forward to ISSMA, despite the absence of an in-person audience.

“Althought we will be recording our performances, I hope that our orchestra will be able to do our best and show judges our full potential,” Wu added, “I am grateful that the opportunity to perform is not completely taken away from us due to the pandemic, as many of our rehearsals have.”

According to Maggie Hite, associate director of orchestras, the spring concert will be held in May, in the same format.

“We plan on recording and sharing our Spring Concert in the same format as our Fall and Winter concerts earlier this school year.” Hite said.