WHJE adjusts to new school year, promotes sports broadcasts


WHJE co-sports manager and senior Gabriel “Gabe” Perrin is in charge of sports broadcasts in sports including football, women’s basketball, hockey, softball and baseball. However, Perrin said his role is not only about sports broadcasting. Perrin said, “(The most important part of my role is) being a leader, especially for the sophomores and the juniors, that may be in the next coming years in my place as a manager. (It is important to help them) get that experience earlier in the year, so that they are ready to tackle bigger tests later on in their career (GABRIEL “GABE” PERRIN/SUBMITTED PHOTO).”

Tsion Daniel

WHJE is adjusting to the new school year as well as providing numerous sports broadcasts.

WHJE radio adviser Dominic James said there was more difficulty in working with staff members last year due to the cohort system.

“It’s much easier (to do broadcasts and shows at WHJE this year). The student managers have to try to get around everybody. Last year, they didn’t actually know some of the students who never actually saw and that’s very difficult,” James said. “I think that kind of our whole idea of networking, which is so important in creative subjects, whether it’s theater, radio, HiLite or whatever, you actually need that sense of community for things to work really well.”

Gabriel “Gabe” Perrin, WHJE co-sports manager and senior, said he agreed and also said his role consists of several responsibilities.

“So what I do as a sports manager is I plan out and manage our sports departments. That includes setting a schedule for sports broadcasts, and then broadcasting some of them myself,” Perrin said. “So this year, I’m on the football crew, the womens’ basketball crew, hockey, softball, (and) baseball. And besides that, (I am in charge of) planning those broadcasts out and helping some of the new sports department members get used to broadcasting.”

Additionally, Perrin said he would appreciate it if people could listen to these broadcasts.

“We put a lot of effort into all these games. (For example), the football broadcasts take about five (to) six hours of planning for every broadcast. So, we meet after school Tuesday and Thursday to prepare our sheets and prepare our rosters, and then we go there about two hours before the game to get all the equipment set up and make sure everything is working.” By Tsion Daniel.

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