GKOM To Focus on Increased Engagement in 2021-2022 School Year

Pallevi Pillai

GKOM had its first session with its students on Friday, September 2. The session ended with a successful club fair in the freshman cafeteria. The next GKOM session will be taking place in September, according to sponsor Mr. Ringenberg.

 After a year in the pandemic, GKOM will be prioritizing students mental health as part of the sessions. 

“After last year’s unusual schedule, we’ve tried a couple fo different things and we realized that getting students out of their seats and being engaged was the best; we found that using videos was not the most effective way to connect with the students” Ringenberg said. 

Senior and GKOM council member Sanya Bahl is hopeful about this new implementation in GKOM sessions.

 “Our hope is to help freshmen develop useful social skills in order to acclimate better to the high school experience. We would ideally like to reduce their school-related stress and anxiety”. 

Ringenberg said that the biggest goal for this year is for students to be open and seek out help if needed.

“There’s always someone who knows what you’re going through or is willing to go help and listen. You just need to ask. I hope that the biggest take away for freshmen from the GKOM is that all of our GKOMs are highly motivated and caring people who are ready to be that listening ear.”

Bahl added that it is important that GKOMS know their schedule during sessions.

On days with connection sessions GKOMs report to the freshman cafeteria during first session to go over talking points. Then during second session, GKOMs go to their designated room where they hang out with their freshmen. By Pallevi Pillai

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