Varsity women’s soccer to face Lawrence North on Sept. 9 at home, then face North Central HighSchool for away game on Sept. 13


Kathryn Hartung (center), defensive center midfielder and junior, defends against an opposing player in a game against Guerin Catholic on Aug. 20. Hartung said she frequently works on communication with fellow defensive players on the team to make sure the team concedes very few goals.

Austin Guo

The varsity women’s soccer team will face Lawrence North High School at 7 p.m. on Sept. 9 in a home game at Murray Stadium. The team will then travel to North Central for an away game at 7 p.m. on Sept. 13.

The team has had a strong start to its season, going 7-1-2. Kathryn Hartung, defensive center midfielder and junior, said much of the team’s success comes from their communication and chemistry.

“As a team, we’ve really focused on communication and working together and being a sort of family. Individually, I work really well with the defensive unit and I communicate with them to know when to drop back, and that’s why we haven’t been scored on a lot.”

According to Head Coach Frank Nixon, teamwork will also be key in winning upcoming games and achieving their goals later in the season.

“I believe that we have the superior athletes at this time so the key to winning will be playing well as a team not just as individuals,” Nixon said via email, adding “Every single player will have to give their best for the team.”

Hartung said the team will be looking to make a run to the State Finals this year, adopting the motto “Road to Redemption” to motivate them to rebound from last year’s results.

“That’s our motto for the entire season. It shows that last year we didn’t perform well in the Sectional and this is the year where we want to do well and make it all the way to State. It’s a motto that everyone says to encourage us and support the team in general,” Hartung said.